Coaching & Consultation

Our mission is to create a learning community that empowers individuals to become purposeful. We work everyday to do that in our own educational setting, but that mission extends beyond our walls. The word “individuals,” as written in our mission statement, does not just apply to our students–it applies to educators, parents, administrators, and advocates.

As a lab school, we are committed to empowering others to create positive change in education.  Recognized by the Innovative Schools Network and EdVisions Cooperative, Valley New School has helped hundreds of educators, schools, and districts throughout the Midwest and nationwide to innovate in their own communities.

Individuals and teams are invited to immerse themselves in the culture and academic process at Valley New School, or request to work with VNS staff and students at your own site.

Contact us via email or (920) 993-7037 to learn how Valley New School can help you!