Apply to VNS

Valley New School is open to all students entering grades 6-12 provided they complete all parts of the application and fully understand the expectations of this educational model.

Our project-based environment is very different from the traditional school setting; taking time to understand these differences will help your family make an educated decision about whether to apply to VNS.

1.    Get an overview.
Read articles and watch videos on our website to get a basic understanding of our school, project-based learning, and the benefits of a VNS education.

2.    Attend a Public Informational Meeting.
Advisors, with the help of parents and students, will explain the academic process and school culture as well as answer questions. Attendance at one of these meetings is required to activate a student’s application in the VNS lottery.

For interest in the 2024-2025 school year we offer the following public information meetings from 7-8:00 p.m:

  • Thursday December 7
  • Thursday January 25
  • Tuesday February 6
  • Monday February 12

3.    Schedule a tour of VNS.
See our school in action and learn more about what project-based learning offers from our Student Ambassadors and an Advisor. Please call to make an appointment: (920) 852-5605.

4.    Schedule a ½-day shadow experience.
Experience what it is really like to be a Valley New School student. Please call to register: (920) 852-5605. Individual shadow days are always welcome but we offer two specific shadow days with specially planned activities. Monday January 22, 2024 or Monday February 5, 2024. Please call to register: (920) 852-5605.

5.    Discuss: Will VNS be the optimal learning environment for your child?
What characteristics/work habits/interests does your child possess that would make him/her successful at VNS? What aspects of VNS might be challenging/frustrating? It is imperative that both students and parents realize that VNS provides a rigorous educational program within a flexible structure. Success within this model relies strongly on the student’s motivation and the degree of parental involvement.

6.    Submit the online application by the third Friday in February.
Online application for all Appleton Area Charter Schools begins December 1. Openings and waiting list spots will be filled through lottery drawing during the first week of March. Families are notified of status by the second Friday in March. Siblings of current students and children of VNS staff/Governance Board members are afforded enrollment preference. Applications submitted after the deadline are added to the waiting list in the order that they are received.

The application window for the 2024-2025 school year is now open! Click here for the AASD Charter School Online Application

7.    For families who reside outside of Appleton only: Submit Open Enrollment Application.

See public school open enrollment information.

Printable Applications
Applications must be completed and submitted within the application window.

Copies of printed applications are also available at each charter school, our District Welcome Center, and the District Leadership Center.